Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hi Everyone!

     Hi Guys!  What's new today?  Well, a $402.25 tuition payment will be pulled out of my bank account today!  OUCH!  The funds are there, but still OUCH!  I don't want to look at my bank balance for awhile!  Know what I mean?  The payment is for the fall semester, which starts on August 20, after which I'll be ready for graduation and state board testing for my license.  Then what?  Well, isn't that every graduate's question?  Time will tell, right?
Went to Walmart last night!  Honestly, I just wanted to get out of the house,  and I had already made a shopping list, so...!  Can you believe I spent about an hour looking for a spray bottle (so I can spray apple cider vinegar on my face and hair after showering -- works as a toner and helps seal in color for a gazillion dollars cheaper than specialty products!)!  I looked in the garden section, the home section, the plastic containers section.  I finally found one in the chemical cleaning supplies section.  It was larger than what I had in mind, but it was for less and a buck, so I got it.  Now it's sitting on my bathroom sink half full of apple cider vineger ready for use!  

Last night, I found out that baby oil really does remove eye make up (including mascara) better than "eye makeup remover."  Yea, I bought some that has a hint of lavender scent.  My canine child loves it too!  She licked and licked my face, eyes, and ears -- maybe it was the apple cider vinegar).  Yea, she gives me that special facial every night before going to bed and when she says it's time to wake up (Amazing how she does that right at 7 a.m. every morning).  If I close my eyes again, she tap my face with a paw.  If I keep doing that, she begin to bark.  If I place my hands over my face and play "peek-a-boo," she'll bark a bunch of times.  Oh, I've got a few drops of that baby oil combed through my hair now,  Hmm!  That's giving me some styling ideas (that slicked, lavender scented look)!

Hey, I bought frozen waffles last night!  Yea!  Pancakes are so easy to make, so I make 'em from scratch.  But, waffles!  Ya gotta have a waffle iron, and there isn't one at the homestead!  Twenty-four of them in a box, not bad!  I wonder for how long they'll last!  I ate two on this morning, and I told Mom and Dad, "Look, I bought waffles!"

I think I drank some really bad instant coffee!  This is gonna seem really YUCKY, but for the past several nights, I've been having to jump out of bed and head for the toilet.  Talk about YUCK!  I can't think of anything else I've ingested that's been making that happen to me.  So, openned a new jar (different brand) last night, and I slept like a baby all night.  I hope I'm correct.  That BAD coffee was only $1.00 a jar, so I bought two of them!  I never dreamed they'd be so cruel!  I'll keep drinking the new jar's contents and monitor myself.  I never imagined such things happened from drinking instant coffee!  I prefer french pressed coffee, or espresso, or dripped brewed (in that order), but sometimes (actually often) I'm in a hurry and don't want to deal with the coffee grinds.  With instant coffee, just spoon it, add hot water, stir it, and I'm good!

I finally signed up for Instagram!  What do you guys think of it?  I use the same name there as I do here.  

I want to go thrift store shopping so bad!  I'd better build up the money supply a bit at the bank first.  That tuition payment ... OUCH!  

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