Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oh How Marvelous! Oh How Wonderful! ... is my Savior's Love for Me!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Straight Gene, Gay Gene,... and Profanity!


     There is no "Straight gene."  There is no "Gay gene."  "Straight" and "Gay" are not the only possibilities!  Sometimes the gene mixture produces an Intersexual person.  (If you don't know what that is, study through several articles about it!)  Sometimes, the Intersexual person blooms to feel like a woman who wants to fall in love with another woman.  Sometimes, parents and doctors get it wrong by assigning the person the wrong gender.  Sometimes, people assume the child is straight from the get go!  Like a flower, it takes time for the blooming to happen.  Sometimes, the mix produces a male child who wants to fall in love with a female and he enjoys painting his face with make up and he enjoys wearing clothing items he finds in a "women's" department.  Some "boys" like the color pink and hate sports.  Some "girls" wanna play football and wear their hair in a crew cut.  Some individuals are aggressive.  Some passive.  Some are a mixture of passive and aggressive.  Sometimes, the mix produces someone who never has interest in sexual intimacy at all.  ......................... Yea, it's complex!  Complicated!  

     When a person is behaving in ways that bring harm to other people, then it makes sense to address the behavior and seek to remedy the matter so that everyone wins.  But, when a person's behavior is NOT harming others, then leave well enough alone.  Forcing a child into a gender mold can be harmful to that person.  It's not a win-win scenario!   Forcing a child into a sexual orientation can be harmful.  It's not a win-win scenario.........!

  Just because one is a heterosexual who is married and (presumably) has someone with whom to happily be in love, happily enjoy sexual intimacy among all sorts of interactions by which the two can produce win-win results everyday does NOT qualify his / her prescription of heterosexuality as the just answer to everyone else's happiness.  It doesn't privilege him / her with any special right to use God's name in vain.  His / Her sloppy handling of the word of truth breathed by the God is profanity and should be treated as such!  


Friday, November 7, 2014

Charles Darwin

   <<<<------Wishes people would actually READ Charles Darwin own writings before they reveal their idiocies about his work.  He was meticulous, diligent, very detailed, and passionately engaged in study.  He didn't just make stuff up!  Misquoting him / misrepresenting his work, his ideas, his statements and questions is just no way to be on the side of righteousness.  (I'd say the same things about Bible translations, Ayn Rand, John Dewey, Maria Montessouri, John Calvin, John Wesley, etc., etc., etc!).  :)

Jesus Christ ... My Lord!

     I'm not lecturing.  I'm not intending to instruct.  I'm speaking for no one else other than myself.  I'm reflecting and highlighting a bit of my own synthesis.  For the sake of brevity, there are many thoughts I've chosen to exclude.     

     Deliberately, I choose to make Jesus Christ my Lord!  It's my choice to follow him, and become more like him everyday.  Thus, it's my choice to pursue knowing him more and more everyday.  I'm not ashamed of his Gospel.  I want to know him and love him, as impossible as it may be to achieve, and knowing it is the love of God commanded towards me, as much as he knows and loves me.  I believe that part of the path that keeps me heading in the right direction is logic / logos.

       I've come to believe that logic / logos (non-contradictory reason without flaw) is God breathed and is an absolute essential to our existence and our living most fully, abundantly, and potentially.  It's not of human origin, therefore reason (when 100% true, 100% pure, 100% without error) is God breathed.  We live by every "word" that proceeds out of the mouth of God.  There's no other way that can happen.  Not now.  Not ever.

     "Sin" is any amount damage caused and set in motion due to any amount of error from our use and reproductions of logic and reason.  It's like a seed of death and/or a seed of hell planted in the ground.  It's like leaven in dough.  It's like a little bit of rot in a product.  All errors, no matter how small, no matter how great, are satanic.  They are exponentially damaging.  The father of them desires only to steal, kill, and destroy.  Such theft, killing, and destruction can take place a little bit at a time, all at once, or some measures in between.  The wages of sin is (and always will be) death.  Death is (and will always be) the evidence that sin has been (whether we are aware of it or not, even if by default, no matter how innocently, no matter how little or much we've contributed to it) "going viral" within our entire being.   But, God's word is also like a seed, is like leaven in dough, is like a little bit of heaven, is like a little bit of eternal life. Life is the evidence that God has other plans for us.  Eternal life is evidence that God's Word is absolute and absolutely right!  Embracing logic / logos is key to sowing seeds of righteousness.

     I doubt that I have embraced 100% logic, 100% reason, 100% truth, 100% righteousness, 100% flawless reasons 100 of the time.  I believe there is no "almost true."  There is no "almost right."  I believe the path of 100% truth, 100% righteousness, 100% logic, 100% flawless reason is razor sharp.  

     No!  Wait!  Let me change that!

      I know I have failed, but I know in whom I've put my trust, and I know whose knowledge of me is 100% without flaw.  Eternal life will be the evidence not that I always knew and did the absolute right thing, but that He absolutely always did, I'm sure!

(Again, all of the above is abrupt, and serves only (how ever inadequately) to reflect some of my own thoughts at this moment.  None of it was intended to instruct.)