Monday, April 1, 2013

Maybe "original sin" was a heterosexuality hoax implemented!

     Yes, this is abrupt!  I was venting!  Maybe, I'll ponder on this some more!

     Maybe "original sin" was all a heterosexuality hoax and has remained so all along.  Maybe all of creation was really moving along just fine!  Maybe, God really had no issues about anything going on in the creation He made and called "good."  Maybe the story -- the garden of Eden story -- was put together, way after all the good things naturally happening had been moving along just fine -- as an attempt to own God and to coerce everyone into a heterosexual breeding program to produce sons (faster than wise) who could become warriors against other neighbors adopting the same sort of program.  

     Maybe the "word of God" is really in there, but the lesson has gone over the heads of so many who've seen all the words in the story.  Maybe God has been SHOUTING "WAIT! YOU'RE NOT GETTING IT!"

     Maybe everything was going along just fine until humans got over zealous about trying to control everything.  The rest of creation seems to have been moving along just fine!  It wasn't broke!  It didn't need fixing!

          Maybe, all along, homosexuality has been a legitimate (and good) part (10%, 5%, 2%) of the mix.  Maybe, if the hoax hadn't been implemented, and if all the breeding hadn't been so zealously implemented, there wouldn't have been so many wars, so many bloody raids, so much over population (of humans).  Maybe humans should have learned that "zeal without wisdom is folly."  Maybe humans should have learned how and should have been encouraged to move in sync with, should have been able to sum up great value of having homosexuality in the mix! 

     Maybe the story has been showing what can happen when, well, humans get it wrong! 


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