Thursday, December 19, 2013

God's Word does not need any "defending," Pat Robertson!

     I say that Pat Robertson has NOT been defending God's Word, for God's Word is Truth (not an approximation of it, nor a particular spin on it).  Essentially, what he has been doing is mud slinging with his own spin on his own claims about God's Word, and others do us great service to call him (and others) on his errors (logical, historical, linguistic, etc).  God's Word does not need any defending, for it will not "return void."  God's Word will pan out without any help and without any understanding from any of us.  But, if you're going to try to "defend" God's Word, the least you ought to do is invite EVERYONE to the discussion table and allow everyone to include all the facts he / she knows uncensored, and you oughta to abstain from acting like a control freak by forcing a conclusion and dishing it out to itching ears so that you can gain their applaud (and continued financial support). 


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