Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thank you, Sarah! BTW: Do you sell those smokescreens?

     Sarah Palin, I applaud your promotion of freedom of speech.  I, too, believe it is a most precious freedom that we'd be wise to protect.  That means I'm eager to have errors called out and even satirized for the sake of truth.  From what I can tell, that "Duck" man spoke from one perspective -- that of one straight man who can't understand gay men.  No one has demanded, or even asked, that he (or anyone else) understand gay men.  I'm not the only one who can assure you that many gay men can't understand straight men.  All anyone needs to understand is that gay men and straight men exist NATURALLY on this planet and war between the two is entirely unnecessary.  Straight people (I would claim) started this unnecessary war, therefore straight people should put a stop to it.  That "Duck" man should have his right to expose his own ignorance protected.  Others should have their right to call him on it, expose the errors, and even satirize the stupidity in his commentary protected also.  Thanks, Sarah, for helping to keep this conversation (or rather SHOUTING match) moving on (hopefully forward).  

  Oh, and one more thing.  Thanks for the smoke screen! 

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