Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm so jealous of contemporary Gays younger than me!

     This is not an English paper.  I'm just writing stuff as I think for whatever it might be worth.

     Yea!  I'm so jealous of younger gays these days!  Every time I see a happy young gay couple, or a picture of a happy young gay couple (in spite of the fact I know I'm seeing only a few moments, or a split second, of time in their lives), I let the jealousy rage a bit.  I guess it's the same sort of jealousy that people in the past would be about cars, airplanes, mobile phones, personal computers.  Oh to be young again in a world where Gay marriage is possible at least in some places, where (at least in many places) one can be openly gay during ones youth, where one can get on the likes of Youtube and Facebook and connect with other Gay youth all around the world, where one stood a greater chance (greater than ever before) of courting other guys during ones youth and developing a love life that could last a life time!  Yea!  I'm so jealous!

     I've lived through some days of wonderful moments though!  I was in the second grade when the Gemini-III space craft orbited earth three times.  I watched, sometimes in classes with classmates and teachers, television coverage of the launching and return of all the Apollo missions including Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon.  I've seen microwave ovens and color TV's become common household items.  I've lived through the beginning days of cell phones, personal computers, and internet.  I can't say I've not enjoyed excitement during my time on earth.  

     Still, I'm jealous!

     It's true that there's no guarantee of what would've happened had situations been different.  Not every Gay person on earth has it easy even in 2013.  In fact, some are still executed.  Even in the USA, many Gays are still experiencing very tough "coming out" experiences.  Many Gays all over the world are still, for good reasons, in the closet.  So, counting my blessings and hoping for the best seems to be a pretty good proper practice for me.  And, whose to say that my best days aren't yet to be lived?  Maybe, just maybe, those days will be as a man gladly married to the man who's glad he married me.

     Still, I'm jealous!

     I'm happy for people who are enjoying happy love lives.  And who am I kidding?  I've, although somewhat late in the game,  enjoyed a few myself.  I hated that they ended (especially as they did), still I enjoyed them and am glad I experienced them.  Maybe, not that I ever wanted it to be so, but just maybe, someone somewhere was a bit jealous of me too.

     Oh God!  Why, oh why can't everyone on earth have the love life of his / her dreams?  



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