Monday, January 14, 2013

Isn't using the same profile picture for five years like lying!

     Yes, this is abrupt rant and rambling!

     Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  I use various websites to post profiles of myself.  On each an every one of them I state "I'm Christian.  I'm Gay.  I'm Out.  I'm Open"  Furthermore, "no hookups, no secret friendships, no sex-buddies."  Also, I go out of my way to keep my pictures current.  I do all this to promote honesty.  I'd rather people reject me for that than to accept me because I lied or attempted to mislead them about something.  Isn't that what a profile is for???

     What is it with guys who've used the same profile picture for one, two, three, (I'm not kidding) FOUR plus years?  Isn't that like lying?   

     What is it with guys who show pictures of themselves "a mile away from the camera?"  What are they trying to hide by doing that?

     What is it with guys who show a group picture but don't bother to point out which person in the picture is them?

     What is it with guys who begin to ask all sort of questions about private matters, not to mention request for more pictures (need I say pictures of what?), when they haven't bothered to produce a picture of themselves?  and they've posted so little information about themselves.  I mean come on!

       Have you read profiles that have said something like "I'm looking for someone to take care of me" in so many words?  

     Have you read the lectures about life and love on the profiles of the twenty-something know-it-all's?

     What about the ones where the guys beats around the bush and say nothing more than "I want to hook up and then disappear?"  Well, if that's your thing, then so be it.  Why not just come right out and say so?

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