Sunday, January 20, 2013

Very simple examples of circular argument

1.  I believe God has wings.
2.  I found a Bible line that says ..."wings of the Almighty."
3.  See there!  I was / am right!

1.  I believe two men sleeping together is yucky.
2.  I found a Bible line that says " should not lie with another man."
3.  See!  I was / am right!

See how it can work?

1.  You claim to believe something.
2.  Later, you find a Bible line that (seems to) matches what you claim to believe.
3.  See!  God thinks just like you do!

1.  You think of certain people as being disgusting.
2.  Later, you find a Bible verse that (seems to) match what you think of certain people.
3.  See there!  God hates the same people you do!

1.  I've already made up my mind about proper sexuality.  I can't see it any other way.
2.  Later, I find Bible lines that (seems to) match the belief that I already have.
3.  See there!  God wants things my way!

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