Friday, January 25, 2013

Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters... be careful...!

     If you have a child who really is a good child -- very well behaved, kind, sweet, honest, not looking for trouble (you get the idea) -- in your life and the only thing that bothers you is that he / she is Gay, be careful before you say something like this.  "I don't want that in my home."  

     That child just might go far away to keep "that" away, and you might find yourself missing that child a lot.  

     Don't blame him / her for not being there!

     Of course you want that child to be considerate of you.  Shouldn't you, just as well, be considerate of that child?  

     It may have taken a lot of guts for that good child to "come out" to you (and/or to anyone else).  

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