Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dream, Dream, Dream, Dreaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!

So here I am at fifty-five years (and a few months) old enjoying dreams that adolescents have.  

     Wouldn't it seem so cool if, after I arrived in Habersham County, Georgia, while I was at a gym just minding my own business working out in peace, a guy reached out to me and asked something like, "may I help you with those (as a spotter during some dumbbell bench pressing)?" and proceeded to lead a conversation that went something like this.

     "Didn't I see you at church?"

     "Um, I don't know.  What church are you talking about?"

     "The Torch."

     "Oh really!  Yea, I was there.  I'm sorry if I didn't meet you while there, but I'm kinda new around here."

     "No problem.  I think you were sitting next to M___ and J___ Batson."

     "Yea, they are my parents."


     "Yea!  I'm their oldest child, the prodigal son. (chuckle).  They, and the family, call me 'Scott.'  But I go by the name 'Ron' these days."

     "Hi Ron.  Nice to meet you.  My name is J___."

     "Nice to meet you, J____."

     "Ron, I've noticed you've been working out here a lot here lately."

     "Yea, I'd rather spend a few hours a day at a gym than watch TV.  I'm sorry that I've been a bit narrow minded...  focusing on getting used to this gym and, well, living in Habersham county again.  I really haven't paid much attention to who's been working out here."

     "No problem!  I'm just glad to meet someone here who goes to the same church as I do."

     "Yea, that does seem kinda awesome!  I mean, it's not something I ever thought would happen.  Hey, I hope I'm not keeping you from doing your workout!"

     "Oh no!  Mind if I workout with you?"

      "Not at all!" 

     And while working out he and I continued our conversation....

     "So, you know my mom and dad!"

     "Yea!  I think the world of them.  My dad, M___, and some of the other men in the church have worked together on some church projects -- cabinet and interior work for homes.  Your mom and my mom have worked with the church pantry and some other stuff for the church.  They seem like really nice people!"

     "Yea, I think the world of them too!  They've lived in Mt. Airy since about 1980.  Before that, they lived over in Mud Creek off of Duncan Bridge Road.  My dad retired from the Air Force in 1977, and I was just into my second year of college and trying to figure things out about my life.  I left the area in 1979.  I've returned a few times to visit since then, but it's been just recently that I've begun to live here again.  I've returned mainly to be as near my parents as possible."

     "Wow!  I'll bet there's a long story in there somewhere!"

     "Actually, there are many stories in there!  I should warn you that I can go on and on and on talking about them."

     "That's cool!  I enjoy long stories.  Seems like people, these days, only skim surfaces, just give quick answers, never really get into much conversation.  I enjoy listening and don't mind talking a bit myself.  Hey, um, you want to grab some coffee after we finish working out?"

     "Um, you said you knew my mom and dad, eh?


     "Let me give mom a quick call to see if she needs anything from the supermarket."

     "Ok!  Good idea!"

     "Hey mom!  Do you know J___ from church?" .... "Um, I don't know his last name.  Here!  Talk with him a minute!" (hands the phone to J___).

     "Hi Ms. Batson! ... I'm doing good.  I noticed Ron working out here and remembered that I'd seen him at church and.... Well, I guess I can.  Are you sure you don't mind?  Well, um, okay sure!  Thanks for the invite!   Here, I'll give you back to Ron."

     "You know who I'm talking about now?...  Oh really?  Ok, cool! After dinner, he and I can go out and grab some coffee before calling it a night.  You need anything from the supermarket? ... Ok, we'll see ya soon.  Bye!"

     "Well, it looks like mom's gonna put an extra plate on the table.  You need to go home first... call anyone?"

     "No.  I live with my parents, and they're out of town for a few days.  So, it's all good!"


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