Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Knowing Jesus" as an excuse ... probably not a good idea!

     Using "knowing Jesus" as an excuse to mishandle truth is probably not a good idea.

     I would say each one of us is on an individual journey of growth in God and all of us are on a journey together of growth in God.  Thinking about that, and all the possibilities of where each person might be on his/ her journey and where we all might be together boggles my mind.  Imagine a very tiny ball that can go in any direction at any given time.  It's way more than a linear journey.  It's more than 360 degrees.  It's this way and that way and the other way and maybe back again.  Have you ever tried connecting all the dots in your life?  Imagine trying to connect all the dots in someone else's life!  Now, multiply that by two, three, ten, fifty...!  Chances are, I would bet, none of us has the same exact pathway behind us!  

     How dare we judge the spiritual progress of people!  How dare we interfere!  How dare we insist that their's must be like ours!  How dare we help add difficulty to their lives!

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