Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Private Faith?"

     No! I don't believe that it's wise to bully people. Yes. I do understand that, like me, people do a lot of thinking in private moments, and do a lot of thinking that's rarely, if ever, made known to others, and that everyone is essentially on a private journey.

But, I don't understand why people, especially people of notoriety, rarely state explicitly whether they are Christian, Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.

Is it because they're afraid of a loss of income? Loss album sales? Loss ticket sales? Loss popularity?

I'm not talking about bullying. I'm talking about clearly making their faith known and sharing that part of themselves as openly and freely as everything else they do, not in a prideful, boasting way, but in a continual matter of fact way.

Yes, about Christians celebrities, I think I have a right to wonder why they so often seem so ashamed to speak for themselves on behalf of their Lord Jesus Christ.

I'm not judging whether or not they are Christians (or anything else). I'm simply confused about why they are so silent (given all the opportunities afforded to them) about it.

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