Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Geography of Happiness According to 10 Million Tweets

The Geography of Happiness According to 10 Million Tweets:
"Sorry, Louisiana, you are the saddest state. And Hawaii (shocker!) you are the happiest. 

That's according to a team at the Vermont Complex Systems Center, who posted their new analysis of 10 million geotagged tweets to to arXiv.org. They call their creation a "hedonometer."

They also found that the Bible belt stretching across the American south and into Texas was less happy than the west or New England. The saddest town of the 373 urban areas studied was Beaumont in east Texas. The happiest was Napa, California, home of many drunk people wine makers. The only town among the 15 saddest that was not in the south or Bible Belt was Waterbury, Connecticut. "  Full story here!

Top 5 Happiest and Saddest States:  (What are your thoughts?  Surprised with any of the "findings.")

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