Monday, February 4, 2013

I'd rather see a beautiful man than a beautiful woman any day.

     I don't hate beautiful women.  In fact, I enjoy looking (not stalking, not lusting, not drooling) at beautiful women when I happen to see them.  Put a stress on "happen," because I have never in my life had any hunger for seeing any woman.

     By "beautiful" woman, I'm not talking about her body size, her body shape, the size of her breasts, her age, her skin color, her nationality, her hair color, or whatever.  For me, it's purely a happenstance I come across and I think "how beautiful she appears to be."  She might be old.  She might be large.  She might have very dark skin.  There's no set formula!  The whole world of people might think a certain woman is beautiful while I think not.  

     I'd rather see a beautiful man than a beautiful woman any time, any day.  I won't say I've never lusted after a man, but I will say that's not what I'm talking about here.  Just because I enjoy looking at beautiful men, and even if I enjoy (I do) pursuing pictures of beautiful men, that does not mean that I'm drooling and imagining myself in sexual situation with them.  As I see it, a person might LOOK beautiful, but may not seem so beautiful to my mind as I get to know him / her more.  

     Though, unlike with women, my pursuit of pictures of beautiful men is deliberate, just as with women the whole world might think of a certain man as looking beautiful while I think not.  I might be the only one who thinks a certain man looks beautiful.  Though I deliberately pursue pictures of beautiful men, my finding them is somewhat happenstance just as with women.  I turn a page and there he is attracting my attention like nothing / no one else at the moment.

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