Thursday, February 28, 2013

To be pro-Gay Marriage is NOT the same as to be anti-traditional marriage.

     No one is preaching for you to be anti-traditional marriage!  But, what has become known as "traditional marriage" isn't because Gays in the past of hundreds and hundreds of years have never wanted to be married.  Gays, for all we know, have always been in the minority of every population.  They've been out numbered, so when it's been a matter of "majority gets to control the rules," "traditional marriage" has been forced to include only heterosexual couples and, thereby, grant to them "special" treatments under law.  

     Heterosexual marriages have potentials (maybe) for pro-creations.  So what?  Since when did every "traditional marriage" have pro-creation as its reason for being?  People have gotten married because they've been in love.  "Traditional marriage," I would say, has been about love.  Period.  Gay marriage SHOULD have been included in "traditional marriage" all along!

     It's about time (actually, it's long overdue) the correction (against the injustice) has been made!

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