Friday, February 22, 2013

Often Christianity is troubling....

     (I never intended to turn my thoughts into a long detailed essay.  I simply intended to spell out my abrupt thoughts as quickly as I could type them.) 

     As I was growing up

     when one "got saved," suddenly he was an expert in all things Bible and theology.  He / She was now ready to face the whole world and tell everyone how (and what) to believe.

     All sorts of books -- big books, little books, thick books, thin books, hard books, soft book --  were published in that day for average people to read and become experts about all things Christian, Bible, Theology, how to pray, how to receive..., how to fast, how to do this, and how to do that.  I'll bet we all know Christian people who have bookshelves lined up with such books.

     I was one of them, or maybe it was just me.  I became a "know it all for Jesus."

     Then, awhile later (years actually), I began learning.  In the process (lots of reading, thinking, conversations, etc), I became much quieter and, hopefully, more thoughtful.

     Bible contents are more complicated than they appear.  Christianity is not as simple as it may seems.  God is awesome!  I know less now than ever... about God, Heaven, Hell, etc.  

     I can't help but think I did it all backwards.  

     Perhaps, I should've titled this "some 'Christian' practices have been troubling."  


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